Karen Schwartz

Karen Schwartz is an Atlanta and NYC based artist. Over the past fifteen years, she also has shown work in juried group and solo exhibitions nationally and abroad, had portraits placed in private and corporate collections, and done portraits and landscapes for commission.

Schwartz views painting as a way of making sense, a way of making implicit experience explicit, of giving form to what is unformulated: “I don’t set out with a preconceived agenda or narrative when I paint, but work to be mindful about discovering meaning in my process, my way of going about making a painting.”

Schwartz’s dual practices in art and psychotherapy clearly inform one another and have been key to her fascination with creative process in both endeavors. Her experience as a clinical psychologist practicing psychotherapy from a contemporary psychoanalytic perspective for over 25 years reflects an enduring passion and respect for personal idiosyncrasy that characterizes her early portrait work, the more recent and abstract, life-size human figure paintings, and now, her turn to the reservoir of personal experience within.