Len Bellinger

For forty years Len Bellinger’s work has been committed to the exploration of abstract/non-representational painting and the ambiguous space inherent in the concept of ‘abstraction,’ from early icon-shaped minimalist panels trimmed with gold leaf as a P.S.1 studio resident in the late ’70’s to thickly manipulated paintings rich with byzantine color and an underlying architectonic structure found in his current practice.

“Taking off from the overall schemes of Renaissance altarpieces, Len Bellinger builds up heavily textured architectural paintings that have a feeling of sculptural mass. While retaining echoes of the original forms – faint, arching shapes and linear paneling – Bellinger reworks the altarpieces into very contemporary explorations of light and color…Their evident link to the past intensifies the calm strength of these meditative paintings.”
-Grace Glueck, The New York Times