• Heather Morgan

    Heather Morgan’s sumptuous self-portraits and figure paintings vibrate between an intimate vulnerability and potent self-possession. These works embody the beauty of struggle, the open hand of the artist as an artifact of investigation of material, substance and meaning. She received her BFA from Boston University and her MFA from Yale and spent five years at […]

  • Len Bellinger

    For forty years Len Bellinger’s work has been committed to the exploration of abstract/non-representational painting and the ambiguous space inherent in the concept of ‘abstraction,’ from early icon-shaped minimalist panels trimmed with gold leaf as a P.S.1 studio resident in the late ’70’s to thickly manipulated paintings rich with byzantine color and an underlying architectonic […]

  • Farrell Brickhouse “Lovers Lane Si”

    Farrell Brickhouse

    Farrell Brickhouse is one hell of painter. He can set a painted figure in real space in a single gesture and stroke, all the while creating a deeply personal narrative using archetypes and myths. Brickhouse is our friend and friend to many, a beloved teacher who can teach color theory with the best of them and give […]

  • Mary DeVincentis

    Painter Mary DeVincentis Herzog employs her deeply personal iconography to investigate the universal dilemmas and mysteries of existence. While influenced by the philosophy of Buddhism and the practice of psychotherapy, her paintings emerge from a foundation in the great tradition of Western modernism and post-modernism and from her decades long study of classical South Asian […]

  • Daniel John Gadd - Veil

    Daniel John Gadd

    Daniel John Gadd’s work references and extends generations of great abstraction from DeKooning to Diebenkorn, to Stella, Tuttle and Ryman by combining the handling of ABEX, shaped formats, and the use of collage and embedding those formal elements with a deeply personal narrative and content. His work is fragile, violent, aggressive, and sensitive all at […]

  • Brenda Goodman “Untitled” (10x10in. Oil on Paper mounted on Wood 2016)

    Brenda Goodman

    Brenda Goodman is uncompromising and fearless. Goodman’s paintings transform her (and our collective) fears and deepest pains into the beautiful – painting her way to make works that are triumphant and move us on levels we may not understand but always feel. Most recently the subject of a critically acclaimed retrospective at the Center Galleries, College for […]

  • Ruth Hardinger

    Ruth Hardinger’s socially conscious artwork, signified by abstraction and influenced by environmental issues, is expressed in her sculptures, installations, paintings, works-on-paper, pigment prints, and photographs. Her work has been shown in many solo and group exhibitions. A selective list of venues in which her works have appeared in solo and duo shows includes: The Basement […]

  • Dana James

    Dana James, a New York native and daughter of artists, has a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts. She was the founder and curator of Elgin Gallery (everyone misses her beautiful dog Elgin, who the gallery was named for) in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, as well as the former Associate Director of Life […]

  • Lizbeth Mitty "Chandelier Cold Day (2015, oil on canvas, 30" x 30")

    Lizbeth Mitty

    “Acutely observed, remembered and then re-imagined, these futuristic scenes are not so much renditions of a specific location as they are dizzying translations in paint of Mitty’s wonderment at the endless variety of visual information offered up by her subjects.” – Art in America, January 2006 Lizbeth Mitty was born in New York to a family of […]

  • Arnold Mesches

    The epic career of Bronx-born painter Arnold Mesches, spanned six decades in the studio and over 142 solo exhibitions, as well as countless group shows. Mesches is in the permanent collections of The Whitney Museum of America Art, the National Gallery, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among others. He was awarded a National […]

  • C. Michael Norton

    C. Michael Norton lives and works in New York City. He has shown at institutional venues such as the Sunshine International Museum and the Fifth Beijing International Biennale at the National Art Museum of China, Beijing; and the San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, California. His solo exhibitions have taken place at Morris-Warren Gallery […]

  • Fran O'Neill “breasty” (12x12, 2015, oil on clayboard)

    Fran O’Neill

    “Fran O’Neill’s art is something you take in with your whole body… O’Neill’s blunt, tough-minded, ecstatically convulsive oil paintings are endlessly revealing: pigment and binder, solvent and surface fuse and split, continuously reconfigured under the constant pressure of the artist’s agitated eye and restless hand. The colors cling to the picture plane even as the translucent fields they […]

  • Karen Schwartz "Goatworthy" (83x69) Mixed Media Unstretched Linen 2017

    Karen Schwartz

    Karen Schwartz is an Atlanta and NYC based artist. Over the past fifteen years, she also has shown work in juried group and solo exhibitions nationally and abroad, had portraits placed in private and corporate collections, and done portraits and landscapes for commission. Schwartz views painting as a way of making sense, a way of making […]