Loren Munk “Bushwick Unfinished” in our inaugural exhibition, “Making the Future,” opening September 30th

Loren Munk “Bushwick Unfinished” in our inaugural exhibition, “Making the Future,” opening September 30th

When Life On Mars closed, I began to realize how much Bushwick has come to mean to me. I have really grown to love and believe in Bushwick’s art scene, and the more I thought about that, the more I realized I should stick around, and in fact double down, on one of the last communities in New York where artists, and the galleries that support them, can still take risks, make mistakes, experiment, and let creativity flourish.

Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned, and what happened next was just one of those moments. And so, thanks to a serendipitous turn of events (I believe in Karma):

I am pleased to announce that I will be opening a new gallery in the former Life On Mars Space at 56 Bogart Street, DAVID&SCHWEITZER CONTEMPORARY. Partnering with me in this latest project will be Keith Schweitzer, co–owner and Director of The Lodge Gallery in the LES. Keith will be continuing at Lodge, creating a bridge between the LES and Bushwick. I feel fortunate to have his experience, eye, and integrity as part of this new project.

We will be launching the gallery during Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) weekend, and the first show in our new space will be in collaboration with Arts in Bushwick (AiB), a celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bushwick Open Studios, opening September 30th. Part of the programming for that show will include AiB’s Making History Bushwick book launch. For more information please go to

Over the last three years I’ve come to believe in, and advocate for, the idea that Brooklyn is the painting capital of the world, and I continue to believe that. I stand by my oft-repeated statement that there are more terrific, serious painters working in Brooklyn at this present moment that anywhere else on the planet.

So many of the artists who first exhibited in Brooklyn have gone on to great success in Chelsea and the LES, and it will be my job to continue to identify those artists on the way up, champion those who have been overlooked, and help give voice to artists who sacrifice everything to make work that they really believe in.

The focus and mission of this project will be to create a dialogue around painting and sculpture, photography and other media, and its continued relevance in the age of new media.

Some of the artists whose work you’ll see at the gallery are Len Bellinger, Farrell Brickhouse, Mary DeVincentis, Daniel John Gadd, Paul Gagner, Brenda Goodman, Ruth Hardinger, Dana James, Elisa Jensen, Pam Longobardi, Lizbeth Mitty, Arnold Mesches, C. Michael Norton, Loren Munk, Fran O’Neill, Ben Pritchard, Karen Schwartz, Peter Williams, and Rosalind Tallmadge and many of the artists from Atlanta I have come to know. We will be on the lookout for new artists of all ages whose devotion to their studio practice is undeniable.

Also, look out for more artist talks, poetry readings, music, and open crits as part of the programming. But above all, we will continue the effort to put together uncompromising exhibitions celebrating the beauty and power of art— recognizing those who continue to paint, draw and sculpt against all odds and straight from their hearts to their hands.


Best, and see you soon,


Michael David